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Global Petroleum & Equipment. “Established since 2006”

The one stop source for all of your drill equipment.

It is our utmost pleasure to introduce you to our International company. We are dedicated to providing excellent services worldwide and respond to any of our clients needs. We also are looking to expand our business and welcome any new clients to provide our excellent service.

Global Petroleum & Equipment’s headquarters are based in Toronto Ontario with contact points around the world. We supply a large range of engineering tools, across the world. We are creating new solutions to better servicing existing and new customers’s requirements.

Just let us know what you need. Besides that we are offering a wide range of Equipments, we also can source anything you need. Here are some of the tools and equipment we are distributors for:

special equipment,

parts for mechanical and oilfield equipment

pumps and hydraulic equipments,

products for safety,

Valves & bearings,

parts for rigs,

expendable products, from all continents.

drilling equipment new and refurbished.

A broad range of oil drilling equipments and components for most type of rigs such as crown, mast, mud pumps, safety equipments, drilling bits, drill pipes, mud pumps, drives, engine, generators, conveyors, etc

We are able to come up with the best solution at competitive prices, Our customers are intercontinental. We thoroughly understand what is expected by our clientele

We guarantee all products to be free from all or any defects. We test everything in different stages before we approve for shipping. Global can arrange fast shipping.

Vahid Ganjapour (Sonny)

(President CEO)

Toronto Ontario Canada

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